YouTube Ads Guide

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Rent a Web Page Guide

 ( Pick Your URL Name. Make sure you pick a keyword or phrase that people type in the search engines. ( Do Your Research First. ( Title + Description. Give us a 12 word headline and a 25 word description. Remember to add your keyword in your title and description. You get 9 pictures to add to your page also. You will get 600 words for your page. You must make 200 words per paragraph with 3 Titles for each one. The final part is.. You will get a tab below with 3 words. This will be a link direct to your website..We only accept ( Webcam Sites And White Labels.. The cost will be £300 per month..If you fail to pay in the date due. Your URL page will go into ( Private Mode) This means no one will see it.. Your URL page will stay in private for 14 days. Then after that if no payment it will be removed. You will need to apply again. Contact Us Now  You can also get our ( PLATINUM SERVICE . You can add 9 pictures and three word title with a tab link with your website link. Check out all our pages and look at Alex Webcams. You will get exact same for your website.This will cost £500 a month. Contact us for more info. To win our free £50.00 competition. Send us your name age and location and the code 5321. This will run every month. We will add a new code every month. This means you can enter every month. If you win you will be contacted. We pay by paypal only. Come back every month for the new code.

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YouTube Adverts Guide To Business Accounts

 Advertising on YouTube is the best way to get your business or website seen by many. Today more and more are using You Tube and other media sites give you full max coverage towards your products and website. This format will only get stronger as more seek to advertise more and more on sites like this. Our advice is to take full advantage of any free advertising you may be looking for..Together with commitment and hard work, we should all succeed by promoting our business online. Top branded sites use advertising for profit and gain. The best way to produce direct sales can be to pay and publish inbound data and over looked materials online. The communities can also help to take the burden away from your sales and gather them for constructive talks and events. Solar systems can alert any publisher into chaos and understanding about their own intake and sighted business. Collection is needed for visibility and productive charms. 

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Advertising Your YouTube Video Guide

 Advertising must be the way forward for many businesses online. There are so many that choose YouTube to advertise on. To pick the proper site it must have traffic running through so your video can be seen and click up the views on it. We suggest adding your video into as much websites as you can. You can even add your website link inside your YouTube channel to increase your viewing possibilities. This can drive traffic and even get you sales by this process. Placing ads can be annoying and a hassle for many, but pick a few websites and leave it at that. Get your YouTube video seen on our site today and get your name out there.  We would consider YouTube to be rated high online when it comes to advertising your business. The regulated bodies can correct you for proper revenue or demanded incomes, this can be pay per click ad or impression click. Most of the time views can get you sales and all types of income directed into your soul bank account. Profit can be made easy if you know were to advertise your videos or even your website. Certain people choose this method rather than using paying ads. The free market can create rich business and gain attention for traffic and profit towards any types of created slots.  


 First build a website like this. Fill your website with lots of text content. Add a few images per page. Add some alt keywords to your images. Make all your pages or URLs your keyword. Put your keyword in your title and description and all over your pages. Buy do follow and no follow back-links for all of your pages as anchor text with the keyword being the anchor text. Do this for all your pages. Promote other websites. Become a affiliate and promote anything you want. You will get a percentage of the sale. Remember do a keyword search first to find out who is searching what on google or yahoo for that keyword term. We advise you pick a long tailed keyword or phrase, this will be easier to rank for, but remember do your research first or you will just be wasting your time on a keyword that no one types in the search bar. Place a anchor text on your main page to your other page and make sure the anchor text is your keyword. Put your anchor text inside a sentence or paragraph so the google bots can read it and rank you for that keyword later on.. Google can take up to 6 months before they update your keywords for ranking. We say add 500 back-links to your website or blog every month. Remember get back-links for all your URLs. Get comment back-links and blog post back-links with anchor text referring back to your website. Also add pictures on all your pages with some alt image text. This helps your S.E.O for that page. So put all your keywords on all of your pages to and titles etc. Remember make your website one topic. You rank better if your site stays on similar topic. If you need any help just e mail us and we will be happy to help you out. We want everyone to succeed. Good Luck.

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